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Novar Display system a hit in Vegas.

Another recent project that looks pretty darn good if you ask me. Lots of Ilford Photo media with embossed 10 mil. tradeshow laminate.

The most interesting part of the project was the centerpiece graphics which we printed on a clear Gloss vinyl and laminated with a Satin Lam.

We did this for 2 reasons, clear has no opacity without a white backer ink and the client wanted a “translucent” effect.

We pulled it off again, unfortunately the client did not invite us to set up their display which would have required a weekend business trip to Sin City. Thanks to Kandel Exhibits and Novar for the opportunity.

Novar Display

Novar Display, courtesy of Kandel Exhibits


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State of The Industry report.

Wide Format Imaging released their “State of the Industry” report this month.

A few interesting notes I gleemed was the prospect of continued double digit growth in the Digital signage printing industry. And the Consensus that large format is officially regarded as a segment of the printing industry as a whole. Not just a perceived value added service.

Another topic of discussion was consolidation. Consolidation of  Service providers due to the economic strains in the US makes sense. I personally think in the next 5 years a lot of smaller digital signage providers will be bought up by screen printers and traditional offset printers. But I don’t see any mergers happening in Cleveland. Our local economy has been strained long before the Wall Street meltdown for it to effect our market.

See what you can gleem here

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The Nerds find wallgraphics

Over at Wired I stumbled upon a article in geek dad on custom wall graphics. New to the public but well known to most inkjet printers is our ability to print architectural graphics (walls,windows,doors etc.)

A good read for the general masses on how to execute being a cool dad. What kid wouldn’t want this in his room?

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SubWay Window Graphics project

We recently completed a Subway marketing roll out of 425 stores using a pretty unique OneWay vision media from Germany. Solid print from the outside with see-thru effect from the inside. A simple window perf but with a special microdot adhesive system that makes onsite installs easily done by anyone. And is installed in the interior window, meaning  no exposure to the elements and less likely vandelized.

The media was a dream to work with, Great white point, excellent ink adhesion. Great color pop and best of all was the patented adhesive. Non residue and repositionable. We had to do some “solution providing” to use this product int this kind of quantity but we got the job done on time (about a week).

Here are some pics of what we did and what can be done with this media.

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EFI to Acquire Raster Printers

EFI officially owns Raster

Looks like EFI is after the budget market. I would have paid 3 million to Raster if they would just stop using their graphic designer.



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HP Latex ink, the latest in “Green ink”.

HP announced latex platform printing system, available sometime in early 2009. As far as I am aware this Earth friendly water based latex ink will only be available with the HP Designjet L65500.

Which looks horribly expensive for the average print shop, and based on my experience using HP printers for years, the ink will have a price point to match.

I often have critical thoughts of all these companies pushing the “Green” agenda in their products. Considering we are in one of the least green industries possible. And I question how anyone makes latex out of water?  I guess the HP team has found a work around to cutting down rubber trees in South American for their latex production.

If you buy this system, promise me you won’t laminate your prints and mount them to foamcore before they get thrown out.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Adventures in Big. Meaning Large, Wide or Grand format printing. Whatever gets your CMYK going. I hope to make regular posts about new products, directions in the industry as a whole and whatever else may interest me for whatever reason.

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