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Oh No, the competition.

So like any good business owner I keep my eyes and ears open on what the “competition” has going on. There is no better way to do this than by signing up for an email list.

I’d like to share what Fastsigns® recently submitted into my inbox and my analysis thereof.

High Tech. Low Stress.TM”

This was the headline to their email campaign

Here is the body copy with the complimentary photo:

“FASTSIGNS® Downtown Cleveland is a full-service sign and graphics provider that uses state-of-the-art technology and an innovative staff to provide quality products that meet your sign needs, timing and budget. “ab089ecf-7

Now as far as critiquing this I will not even mention the princess purple printer being used is a base Mimaki Solvent printer. Not exactly high tech BUT…..

…What is with the high tech measuring tape?

Apparently the “innovative staff” at Fastsigns® has found some way of using measuring tapes during the printing process that will relieve you of stress.

I hope to see these mysterious yellow measuring devices at the next SGIA Expo so I can get my hands on their befuddling technology.


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