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Worst media ever….

So maybe not the worst media ever, but I have a short list of medias I’d like to write about for  1 simple reason.

They suck.

I’ll post a new “worst media ever” post whenever I encounter a new problem media which seems to readily available from all vendors and manufacturers. So let’s get down to biz-ness.

This episode worst media ever features ….drumroll…

General Formulations‘ 6 mil adhesive matte vinyl. (A.K.A. Concept 222)

We regularly use the Kapco variety of this media as an economical poster media. Works well for large run mounting projects. Unless..

You get a bad batch.  To summarize my experience, we ordered about 50 rolls of 54×100 stock and about 25 we’re usable. Why? Well General Formulations told us it was a coating batch issue. As far as I’m aware there is no “coating” but we sure had issues. We had lots of rivering (where the ink appears to run as if it doesn’t adhere to the surface of the media) and preheated curling. Which gave us those much loved Printhead hits.

GF did replace our media and informed us, “this happens from time to time”

Why did we switch from Kapco to GF media in the first place?

Well in all fairnes the white point and media sheen is better on the GF 6 mil. This rendered much better graphic reproduction. And of course it was cheaper.

Like all things cheap it did cost us more in the long run.



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