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The latest failed banner display.



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Wow! Big surprise today!

Today I received a phone call from the editor of The Big Picture , Tom Frecska.

I had filled out one of the all too common online surveys conducted by Infotrends, and sponsored by Value Vinyls.

Apparently there was a prize raffle involved and I won.

$5,000 in Value Vinyl’s Eco-Logic biodegradeable banner media.

I’m totally stoked, appreciative, and can’t wait to try their line of environmentally friendly media. I’ll certainly post a review once I receive my major award.


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Failed signage

Always double check your clients signage requests folks.


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Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone has a great Holiday and a happy New Year.santa

Santa is a courtesy of my patience, Neschen Solvotex paper which is a great printing economy paper. Close to 18 point too, nice and heavy. And for Santa himself, thanks to Macula papercraft.

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Worst media ever….

So maybe not the worst media ever, but I have a short list of medias I’d like to write about for  1 simple reason.

They suck.

I’ll post a new “worst media ever” post whenever I encounter a new problem media which seems to readily available from all vendors and manufacturers. So let’s get down to biz-ness.

This episode worst media ever features ….drumroll…

General Formulations‘ 6 mil adhesive matte vinyl. (A.K.A. Concept 222)

We regularly use the Kapco variety of this media as an economical poster media. Works well for large run mounting projects. Unless..

You get a bad batch.  To summarize my experience, we ordered about 50 rolls of 54×100 stock and about 25 we’re usable. Why? Well General Formulations told us it was a coating batch issue. As far as I’m aware there is no “coating” but we sure had issues. We had lots of rivering (where the ink appears to run as if it doesn’t adhere to the surface of the media) and preheated curling. Which gave us those much loved Printhead hits.

GF did replace our media and informed us, “this happens from time to time”

Why did we switch from Kapco to GF media in the first place?

Well in all fairnes the white point and media sheen is better on the GF 6 mil. This rendered much better graphic reproduction. And of course it was cheaper.

Like all things cheap it did cost us more in the long run.


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Kraft-ing a great marketing tactic

The New York Times posted a really great article on a clever marketing campaign by Kraft products in Chicago for their Stove Top Brand.

Essentially they used a backlit kiosk bus shelter sign system to promote their product as a warming, comfort food while in said shelter providing heat for the folks waiting for busses.

And speaking from personal experience of surviving 6 Chicago winters myself. I would go out of my way to find a Stove Top bus stop.


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BioBoard lowers pricing after realism sets in.

PlyVeneer Products, the makers of BioBoard. Which I believe is distributed nationally by Laird Plastics had reduced their pricing dramatically.

Their Bioboard is 63% Post consumer waste content, 100% recyclable and made right here in the USA (for a change).

I wanted a suitable option for my clients to use a “green” substrate but after getting the pricing and realizing it cost 400% more than Gatorboard.  No one would be interested at that price point.

Right now they are competitive with Gatorboard pricing and even cheaper. It has to be easier to mount and direct print with its flat CLEAN surface too. The white point ain’t bad either.


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Oh No, the competition.

So like any good business owner I keep my eyes and ears open on what the “competition” has going on. There is no better way to do this than by signing up for an email list.

I’d like to share what Fastsigns® recently submitted into my inbox and my analysis thereof.

High Tech. Low Stress.TM”

This was the headline to their email campaign

Here is the body copy with the complimentary photo:

“FASTSIGNS® Downtown Cleveland is a full-service sign and graphics provider that uses state-of-the-art technology and an innovative staff to provide quality products that meet your sign needs, timing and budget. “ab089ecf-7

Now as far as critiquing this I will not even mention the princess purple printer being used is a base Mimaki Solvent printer. Not exactly high tech BUT…..

…What is with the high tech measuring tape?

Apparently the “innovative staff” at Fastsigns® has found some way of using measuring tapes during the printing process that will relieve you of stress.

I hope to see these mysterious yellow measuring devices at the next SGIA Expo so I can get my hands on their befuddling technology.

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By popular demand more video.

The overwhelming response to the previous head to head printer comparison video made this video of paint drying the must see of the holiday season.

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Mitsubishi goes FSC.

Mitsubishi Imaging’s Diamond line of inkjet paper has been certified by the Forrest Stewardship council as environmentally responsible.

I’ve heard great things about the printing quality of their medias, while I have not tried them myself, I certainly intend to. It isn’t easy to find a dealer so call Mitsubishi direct at 1800 765 9384 x3220.

Although I worry about availability even though this was just announced due to the fact 1 of Mitsubishi’s 2 paper mills in Germany is slated to halt operations in 2009 due to lack of demand.


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